Ghosts, spirits conspiring against Maoists: Prachanda

Kathmandu: The Unified CPN-Maoist that had been singing anti-India tune and blaming the Nepal Army for the stalled peace process has now changed its course and blasted on "spirits and ghosts" for hatching conspiracy against the Maoists.

The "spirits and ghosts" (of monarchy and regressive forces) are conspiring against the achievements of the mass movement of 2006 that abolished monarchy and turned the country into a secular republican state, Maoist supremo Prachanda told a mass meeting here yesterday and claimed that the single mantra of unity and people's revolt can overcome them.

He said that their movement was not against India and also rejected the allegation that the party had any difference with the Nepal Army. "We are not launching agitation against India," Prachanda said addressing the function organised in Tundikhel Open Ground of Kathmandu to mark the fourth anniversary of the People's Movement.

"Some people claim that the army is preparing to fight the Maoists, but I believe that the Nepal Army and the Maoists should unite for protecting Nepalese independence and integrity", he said.

He also slammed those elements who demanded to reinstate Hindu state in Nepal saying those who floated the idea of a Hindu state are trying to crush their movement for national independence.

Prachanda also claimed that if a national unity government is formed under the Maoists' leadership, the twin task of drafting the new constitution and completing the peace process would be accomplished within one and a half month's period.

He also announced that the party has launched a movement to topple the puppet government. He disclosed that his party is preparing a massive rally on May 1, the Labour Day to give a final jolt to the government.

The Maoists also organised similar types of rallies across the country yesterday with the slogans of civilian supremacy, national sovereignty and a Maoist led coalition government.

Prachanda also slammed the coalition government for awarding the contract to print the Machine Readable Passport to India saying "the government was working against national interest by deciding to award the contract of printing the passport to India."