Drug mafia-police nexus: 'Probing Goa politician'

Panaji: After initial denials of political involvement in drug peddler-police nexus case, Goa Police have started investigation on the role of a politician in the case.

In an e-mail to drug peddler Atala alias Yaniv Benaim's girlfriend Lucky Farmhouse, who had exposed the alleged nexus through a spycam, the Crime Branch said they are investigating into the police-politician-drug mafia nexus case.

The e-mail sent on May 11, a day after Lucky claimed that so far she has not been contacted by Goa Police, has the subject line 'Investigation of police/politician/drug mafia case'.

The Swedish model has uploaded the content of the mail on her website.

The 33-year-old model, who was living-in with Atala, had shocked the Goa Police after she posted her boyfriend's clippings on social networking website youtube.com. The clippings triggered a major crackdown on the police-drug peddler nexus, which saw Atala and five other policemen, including a police inspector arrested for their links with the drug mafia.

Lucky had alleged that a son of a big politician is also involved in the drug mafia. However, the police initially had repeatedly denied involvement of any politician in the nexus.

"We have asked her to come to Goa as early as possible. She is an important witness in this case," DSP (Crime branch) Chandrakant Salgaonkar told reporters today.

The Crime Branch has said they will provide her all the security.

He said the model has responded to police mail and given her address and other details.

"She will come to Goa in the end of August but we want to get her deposition earlier than that," Salgaonkar said.

"We will ask all the questions to her when she comes here. We have asked her to come with all the evidence available with her," the DSP said.