Arcon developers to set-up spl home scheme for senior citizens

Mumbai: Goa-based Acron Developers, today announced a special leased home scheme for senior citizens, which offers them a fully-furnished apartment at an affordable rent.

The scheme 'Vivira Residences', is a chain of residential communities planned exclusively for independent, senior-living with world-class services and facilities at scenic and tranquil locations across the country, Acron Director, Amar Britto, told reporters here.

"Through this scheme, we want to ensure that senior citizens, who are looking out for a change in their lives, can rent an apartment and stay there as long as they wish, for an affordable rent," Britto said.

The first set of Vivara homes, set up in north Goa, would be rolled-out in the next few months. The unit would have 52 apartments, Britto said.