Reconciliation road map to be complete by year end: Thai PM

Reconciliation road map to be complete by year end: Thai PM Bangkok: Urging all Thais to join his reform efforts, Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva has said the national reconciliation road map will be complete by the year end as a New Year's gift to countrymen.

Everyone was deeply hurt by what has happened in the country, the casualties and losses, all of which were caused by the Thai people themselves, the prime minister said in a nationally televised address.

The premier said Thailand must move forward, but the future of the country cannot be built upon anger, hatred and resentment. The government alone cannot reform the country, but every person must take part.

"It is time now that we will help rebuild our home. I invite every Thai to start reforming Thailand, with confidence of all Thais," Vejjajiva said.

The premier however said some sectors have already begun their work for national reconciliation and reform.

"No matter who you are, where you live, what political view you have," the prime minister said, "I reaffirm that today we are ready to let them be a part of this move and I urge the public to follow the news about how they can get involved with this historic process."

Vejjajiva said the reconciliation process will solve the problems and reform structures which may take longer than the tenure of his government, but he wants to have a clear plan within this year in order to get the country out of the crisis and violence and to become a New Year's gift for the Thai people.