Azamgarh college mulling legal action on Modi ad

Azamgarh: Taking exception to use of photographs of its students in an advertisement released by Narendra Modi government, the reputed Shibli College here Saturday said it is mulling legal action in the case.

"The families of the burqa clad girls shown in the picture used in the advertisement as well as the college management are being consulted in order to see what legal action we can take in this regard," the college principal, Iftekaar Ahmed, said here.

The advertisement projecting how Muslims are better off in Gujarat has a photograph showing girl students working on computers "but the reality is that it belongs to the college and has been downloaded from a website on which it had been put in 2008," Ahmed said.

The principal said that there is "huge resentment" not just among the families of the girls but also among college students as "it is distortion of facts and nobody is aware as to how the picture found its way in the advertisement".

The advertisement was published in newspapers in Patna ahead of the BJP's national executive meeting.