S Korea dismisses report of N Korea's nuclear test

S Korea dismisses report of N Korea`s nuclear test Seoul: S Korea has dismissed the report that detection of radioactive xenon higher than average was related to a North Korean nuclear test last month.

"It is our position (the xenon) was not related to North Korea's nuclear test," foreign ministry spokesman Kim Young Sun told a press briefing yesterday.

The Chosun Ilbo cited a South Korean government source as saying there had been detection of eight times more xenon than average at a northeastern monitoring station in mid-May.

The newspaper raised question if the detection xenon might have been related to a North Korean nuclear fusion test. Spokesman Kim said xenon material had been detected, but denied it was related to any North Korean nuclear test, saying there were no seismic waves and citing expert assessment.

On May 12, North Korea claimed its scientists had successfully created a nuclear fusion reaction to produce energy, using "artificial solar" technology to achieve the breakthrough.

Nuclear fusion, which occurs naturally in stars such as the Sun, is a process during which light atoms fuse to form heavier ones. The fusion of elements with low atomic numbers results in the release of substantial amounts of energy.

In defiance of international warnings not to do so, North Korea conducted a second nuclear weapons test in May last year.