Three dead in Azerbaijan military shooting: Ministry

Three dead in Azerbaijan military shooting: Ministry Baku: An Azerbaijani soldier shot dead two fellow troops and wounded a third before killing himself, the defence ministry said on Wednesday, in the latest shooting rampage to hit the ex-Soviet republic.

"On June 29 soldier Djafar Mamedrzayev shot two fellow servicemen with a submachine gun before killing himself. Another soldier has been wounded," the ministry said in a statement a day after the shootings.

No further details were immediately available. The ministry said it had launched an investigation into the incident.

The killings were the fourth mass shooting in Azerbaijan in under a year and the third within the military.

In a similar shooting last January, two Azerbaijani soldiers shot and killed four fellow servicemen before killing themselves.

In a 2008 report, the International Crisis Group said Azerbaijan's military was plagued by "endemic corruption, nepotism and hazing".

Azerbaijani military prosecutors in 2008 arrested two sergeants and reprimanded several senior officers after videos surfaced on the Internet of conscript soldiers being savagely beaten.

Authorities however have denied that hazing is widespread in the military.