Bilawal Bhutto to have his political baptism

Bilawal Bhutto to have his political baptism London: Pakistan's emerging new star, Bilawal Bhutto may have his political baptism here when he formally takes over the reins of the ruling Pakistan People's Party from his father Asif Ali Zardari.

Bilawal, 21, described by BBC "as the young heir to Pakistan's most important political dynasty," is expected to take over at a rally in Birmingham in Central England on Saturday.

Bilawal who has graduated with a degree in History from the famous Christ Church college at Oxford, considered to be cradle of politicians worldwide, has been at his father's side during his recent visit to France and UK.

The young Bhutto who is already the Chairman of PPP is expected to give a speech before several thousands of his party supporters, alongsside his father.

Apparently due to floods and terror attacks back home, the PPP is playing down the significance of the event. "Bilawal will be there and will make a speech," the PPP coordinator Waheed Rasab said here.

"The rally would be a significant pointer," the party leader here said, adding that Bilawal having finished his studies is likely headed home.

His assasinated mother, late Benazir Bhutto has written in her autobiography that she gave birth to Bilawal amidst celebratory scenes, where shouts of "jive Bhutto" were raised.

"The most celebrated and politically controvesial baby in the history of Pakistan had been born," she wrote.

But the massive rally is also facing opposition.

Pakistan's cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan's Tehreek-e-Insaf party has threatened to launch protest at the rally.

Rabia Zia, coordinator of the party in the UK said, "Pakistanis are struggling to cope with the worst floods in 80 years while the 'elected' President is visiting UK using taxpayer's money."

"This is the height of callousness," she said.