Faux pas by RAF draws objection from UN body

New Delhi: A minor faux pas by the Rapid Action Force (RAF) which "inadvertently" used helmets with 'UN' painted on them in Srinagar has drawn objection of United Nations Military Observer Group in the Kashmir Valley.

Senior CRPF officials said that the reserve company of the RAF, which had recently given a demonstration before a UN delegation, had painted 'UN' on their blue helmets which inadvertently went along with the company to Kashmir.

The official said that the two helmets had since been removed.

At least three companies (300 personnel) of RAF have been sent to the Valley for maintenance of law and order.

Chief of Public Affairs of the UN Peace Keeping operations Nick Brinback said that the world body had received complaints about "apparent use of UN-marked blue helmets by Rapid Action Force (RAF) personnel in Srinagar".

The United Nations Military Observer Group in India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP) immediately brought the issue to the attention of the Indian Army authorities.

"We understand that directions have since been issued by the Indian authorities to prevent its recurrence. UN-marked items can only be used by personnel serving in United Nations operations during their service under the blue flag and can not be used for other purposes, including by national armies in the conduct of their operations," he said.