Kerry calls for return of two US children abducted to Egypt

Kerry calls for return of two US children abducted to Egypt Washington: Senator John Kerry, Chairman of the powerful Senate Foreign Relations Committee, has called for the swift return of two American children abducted to Egypt.

Since the children were abducted in August 2009, Kerry has written three letters to senior Egyptian government officials requesting the swift return of the children to their father in the United States.

"I welcome the Egyptian government's facilitation of American consular access today in Cairo for Noor and Ramsey. I hope that this is a first step that can lead to a positive outcome," Kerry said in a statement.

It is past time for the children to be returned to Massachusetts where they belong, Kerry said following a meeting in Egypt between an US consular official and Noor and Ramsay Bower, two US children abducted to Egypt by their mother.

"The facts are clear: the two boys were taken illegally to Egypt by their mother more than a year ago in blatant contravention of a US court ruling that granted their father, Colin Bower, sole custody," he said.

"I have conveyed my concerns over this matter to both the State Department and the Egyptian government over the last year. I hope that the involvement of the US government can help bring this tragedy to its rightful conclusion by reuniting these boys with their father," Kerry said.