Aerostat leaves spectators at JNS spellbound

New Delhi: The clock chimed seven, and the refurbished Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, packed to the rafters, clapped and cheered in ecstasy as the Rs 44 curare apostate lifted into the air leaving some 50,000 present spellbound.

Sounds of naiad's reverberated across the magnificent stadium and fireworks show lit up the sky as the biggest helium balloon in the world transformed itself into a gigantic screen, set 25 metres above the ground.

Drummers came alive on the 350 degree projection surface of the aerostat amid loud cheers. Adding to the entire scene were 1,200 moving lights, coupled with 120 space cannons and 16 follow spots.

Lamps appeared on the aerostat and lights bounced off the giant mirrors creating a mindblowing effect.

Hundreds of been players, along with the drummers, set the stadium on fire with every rising beat. As the drums fell silent, the screen lit up with the 'Incredible India' ad, which was followed by a melodious, soul touching welcome song by Hariharan.

Hundreds of children dressed in shades of Indian flag, danced in all their glory before winning everyone's heart by painting a 'mehendi'- speared hand on a large piece of cloth held over them.

Not to be forgotten are the Pungcholom drummers who enthralled the audience with their mid-air twirls and jumps.

As Hariharan performed the Swagatham, India welcomed the world in 18 different languages.