Rajasthan government helpless before crime, corruption: Raje

Jaipur: Launching a scathing attack on the Rajasthan government, former state Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje on Thursday said that the statements of the state government have shown that it is helpless before corruption and crime in the state.

"The 21-month-old government has not given anything substantial to the state but crime has risen considerably which has disturbed everyone's life but the government is not bothered," she said at a press conference here.

"Cases of atrocities on women, theft etc. has risen in the Congress rule. According to crime report, 480 incidents of crime are happening in the state per day, and the cases of women atrocities have increased by 20 per cent in 21 months as compared to the last 20 years, but the government is doing nothing except making mere statements," she alleged.

The former chief minister also alleged that in the recently concluded Collectors and SPs conference, the Chief Minister and Home Minister admitted that corruption is prevailing in police.

"The state government has accepted that there is corruption in police and failure of intelligence, but it seems incapable of doing anything against it," Raje said.

"The state government is just issuing statements, discussing the issues but not doing anything on the ground to curb the ill practises which have made life of people very miserable. Not only the common man, but the state ministers and MLAs of the ruling party feel it and say it openly," she said.

Raje also alleged that Rajasthan Minister of State Ameen Khan, referring to a case in Jaisalmer, said in the Collectors and SPs conference that police changed a case of murder to an accident.

"We do not know the truth whether it was done or not by the police, but...this is the statement of the government and shows that the government itself is admitting the worst situation prevailing in the state," she said.

"On the other hand, Parlimentary Secretary Girraj Singh Malinga alleged in the conference that police is totally helpless before dacoits in Dhlopur. When ministers are making such allegation, then what a common man can expect from such government?" Raje said.

Meanwhile, CPI (M) also criticised the state government following the resentment shown against police by ministers in the Collectors' and SPs' conference, and demanded resignation of state Home Minister Shanti Dhariwal.

"State Home Minister should resign on moral ground, who in the conference said 'police stations have become shelter of land mafias'," the party said in a statement here.

"MoS Ameen Khan also levelled serious allegations on police in the conference. Besides, Education Minister has taken bribe of crores of rupees in transfers of teachers recently, but there is no word against the minister from Gehlot," the statement said.

"The party challenges the Chief Minister to sack Home Minister and Education Minister if he is really against corruption," it said.

Rahul's statement "childish": Raje

BJP General Secretary Vasundhara Raje today termed as "childish" Congress leader Rahul Gandhi's remark equating RSS with banned SIMI as both the outfits "preached fundamentalist ideologies".

"I would say that it was a childing statement and one should think before making statements and avoid such statements," Raje told reporters here.