Over 100 take ill after consuming Prasad in Udaipur

Jaipur: In a case of food poisoning, over 100 people were taken ill after consuming 'prasad' in Udaipur district, an official said on Sunday.

"Tribals from Faleja Kalan and Dabok area distributed Churma (made of coarsely ground wheat, oil and sugar) as 'Prasad' at a Devi temple yesterday. Soon after consuming it, people complained of abdomen pain and vomiting," Chief Medical and Health Officer Dr B L Mishra told a news agency on phone.

"Twenty six people, including a few kids and women, were hospitalised and rest were treated on the spot," he said adding a total of 119 people were affected.

"Most of the hospitalised patients were discharged and 19 are under observation at the village where a medical team is operating since last night," he said.

"Samples of the Churma have been collected for testing," he added.