Paswan charges NDA govt with abetting poverty and unemployment

Patna: Accusing the NDA government of abetting poverty and unemployment in Bihar during its five year rule, LJP President Ram Vilas Paswan on Tuesday alleged that the ruling coalition failed to execute the rural job guarantee scheme MGNREGA in the state.

The NDA government headed by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar performed poorly in execution of the flagship scheme in the state by issuing job cards to only 1.29 crore persons as against the total number of about six crores BPL people, he told reporters here.

The NDA government failed miserably in execution of the central scheme by providing work to only 29 lakh job card holders and even those people were given work for only 29 days against a minimum 100 days work to earn their livelihood, he said.

The LJP chief highlighted the spate of Naxal activities during the NDA rule to substantiate his allegation of the government's failure to cater to aspirations of the poor and said the number of naxal-hit districts rose from six during the RJD-led rule to 33 in the past five years.

He appealed to the Naxal outfits and their sympathisers to join the mainstream and contest elections to highlight the plight of the poor and downtrodden in the state.

Contrary to NDA government's tall claim of development, the fact was that there has been significant increase in poverty during the present regime, he said.

Paswan came down heavily on the Chief Minister for promising job reservation for upper castes in JD-U manifesto and asked what prevented him from giving quota to them if he had a will to do so.

If the state government was serious about providing job reservation to the upper castes, it could be done as there was no bar on increasing quota limit as was the case in a number of southern states, he asked.

The LJP chief came to the rescue of RJD which has been under fire from all quarters for "non-development" during its 15 years' rule and said the matter was a closed chapter as far as he was concerned.

The impending assembly polls was being fought on the present issues in Bihar and the NDA government was under microscope and not his ally, RJD, Paswan said.

On the prospects of his coalition on 47 seats figuring in the first phase on October 21, Paswan exuded confidence that the RJD-LJP combine will win two-third of the seats as there was a wave in its favour across the Seemanchal region.

Paswan's son to campaign for RJD-LJP combine

LJP President Ram Vilas Paswan's actor son Chirag will campaign and conduct roadshows this week in Bihar's Vaishali district in the poll-bound state.

Chirag has taken time out from his busy schedule to campaign for the LJP-RJD candidates for four days, Paswan told reporters here.

The budding actor will join his father to campaign for two days, before conducting roadshows in Vaishali district later this week.

Chirag had earlier campaigned for his father in Hajipur, from where he lost to JD(U)'s Ram Sunder Das last year.