Government should face real problems of people: Mufti

Jammu: Peoples Democratic Party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed on Wednesday said that expecting peace in Kashmir would be futile if the government continues to evade real problems of the people.

"Expecting the people to give peace a chance is a noble wish but unrealistic in view of the uninterrupted use of draconian methods by the government," Mufti said in a statement here.

He alleged, "Kashmir has never failed to respond to the requirements of using peaceful methods for expressing its aspirations, but the state instead of reaching out created more and more tragedies through its actions."

Mufti said the discourse on Kashmir has once again been turned on its head by focusing on abstracts and theories and evading action on the problems that face the people.

"No words would suffice where action is required," he said, adding, even the eight-point formula by the government has disappeared.

Pointing out that the government has gone back to its familiar mode of forgetting about Kashmir after it hit the news headlines, Sayeed said good intentions have to be followed up with matching action.

"While the government itself had set an agenda of reviewing Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA), reduction of troops and release of prisoners," he said, and alleged only the reverse of these objectives was being followed.

"Many people have run away from their homes fearing arrest, torture and extortion," he said, adding, it seems arrests have been turned into an industry for the security forces and political brokers to benefit from.

Sayeed said the self-praise of the government about bringing down the casualty rate in recent weeks sounds dangerously cruel.

He said Kashmir can never forget the tyranny involved in shooting down 111 youngsters and asked "was this entire agitation driven by the demand to use pellet guns instead of bullets?"

The government will have to provide relief to the common man especially those affected directly by the crisis, he said.