All women taxis proposed in Meghalaya

Shillong: Taxis driven by women for women passengers is being mulled by the Meghalaya government on special routes in the state capital.

The first batch of 50 all-women taxis would be run on a trial basis at fixed times and certain routes, within the main city limits.

"We have mooted the plan for fifty taxis and the Regional Transport Authority at its meeting in December will decide on the modalities of operation," Transport minister A T Mondal said.

"Various facets will have to be taken into consideration like area of operation, timings and other restrictions," he said.

Besides women, the taxis will allow children below 14 years of age as passengers.

The drivers would be drawn from among 50 educated women. "We have already received a huge pile of applications for permits by women graduates seeking to venture into driving these all women cabs," Mondal said.

"Depending on the response it generates, plans to expand the service will be taken up," Mondal said.

Stating that the transport department was drawing up a complete plan for starting the service on the basis, Mondal said the service will have special features.

"We have considered giving specific color codes to the taxis and thought of five colors - pink, purple, green, blue and sky blue," he said.

Women driven taxis took to the streets in the financial capital of the country, Mumbai, in 2007 and the success of the service was later emulated across Maharashtra.