Cheats arrested in west Delhi

New Delhi: Four persons, including a woman hailing from Bangladesh, were arrested in west Delhi for allegedly cheating people by luring them into exchanging dollars with Indian currency at very cheap rates, police said on Sunday.

The arrested have been identified as Johrul Haq, Rajjat (both from West Bengal), Razzak from Bihar and Firoza from Kalamerta district in Bangladesh, Sharad Aggarwal, Deputy Commissioner of Police (West), said.

The gang used to target owners of chemist shop and mobile shops. One of them used to visit the shops to buy recharge coupons or SIM cards or medicines. While the men used to target mobile shops, Firoza used to develop friendship with chemist shop owners.

"The men used to develop friendship with the owner and induce him to exchange dollars with Indian currency at very cheap rates by pretending that one of their close relatives is in dire need of money and wants to exchange dollars.

"Firoza used to develop friendship with chemist shop owners by frequently purchasing medicines from them and then lure them into buying dollars at cheap rates," Aggarwal said.

They used to prepare a packet by placing dollars on both sides and newspapers cutting in dollar shape in between. After striking the deal with the victim, they used to collect the Indian currency from the victim and used to hand over the packet allegedly containing dollars to the victim.

The gang was busted on Friday after Haq was apprehended by Rajesh Verma, who is working in a clinic in Nangloi, and handed over to police.

Verma told police that one Raja, who was later identified as Haq, used to visit the clinic frequently with whom he became friendly.

Haq allegedly told him that his aunt had some dollars and she wants to exchange it with Indian currency as she is dire need of money for her daughter's marriage.

Haq told him that Verma could earn more money as he will give him dollars at rates much cheaper than the market rates.

"Haq was to give USD 1,100 to Verma for Rs 50,000. Verma was asked to meet Haq at Park Hospital in Khyala. Haq and his two friends were with him and he handed over the dollar packet to Verma.

"Verma got suspicious and started checking the packet. At that time, all the three persons started running. He chased them and ultimately with the help of public apprehended Haq," Aggarwal said.

They were allegedly involved in two more similar cases in which they cheated people of an amount of Rs three lakh.