ElBaradei mulls alliance with conservative Muslim Brotherhood

ElBaradei mulls alliance with conservative Muslim Brotherhood Cairo: Mohammed ElBaradei, a leading campaigner for democratic reform in Egypt, today indicated a possible partnership with the conservative Muslim Brotherhood in order to bring changes in the country.

The former chief of the UN nuclear watchdog said his National Association for Change was considering to join hands with the Muslim Brotherhood - Egypt's strongest opposition force - to encourage political reform in the country. Terming the recent parliamentary elections as a "farce", the Nobel Peace Prize laureate called for a boycott of next year's presidential poll.

He also warned that there could be "violence" if the government tried to repress pro-reform demonstrations. The authorities must understand that "it is our right to march in peaceful demonstrations to demand change", ElBaradei said in a video posted on the social network site Facebook.

President Hosni Mubarak's National Democratic Party had won about 80 per cent of the parliamentary seats in the recently held elections. Opposition parties alleged widespread fraud in the polls.