Britain's Attorney General pays tribute to Sikh soldiers

Britain`s Attorney General pays tribute to Sikh soldiers London: UK's Attorney General Rt Hon Dominic Grieve has joined filmmaker Jay Singh-Sohal at the official launch of the new documentary film 'Sikhs@War' to pay tribute to Sikh soldiers who fought for Britain during the World Wars.

Speaking on the occasion last evening, Grieve expressed his admiration for the brave Sikhs.

"Their selfless service deserves the widest recognition. It has helped us in Britain to enjoy the freedom we have today," he said.

The documentary was screened at the Houses of Parliament.

Birmingham-based filmmaker and television journalist Jay Singh-Sohal described the launch in Parliament as a momentous occasion.

"For a senior government official to pay such a tribute is a sign of how important the Sikh contribution has historically been and how vital this vibrant community still is in all walks of British life."

The Attorney General was presented a Sikh ceremonial dagger, a Kirpan, by the filmmaker Jay Singh-Sohal and co-host Cllr Santokh Singh Chhokar who described the occasion as a "landmark event highlighting the Sikh tradition within British military history."

More than 100,000 Sikh soldiers from South Asia fought on the Western front during the Great War alone.

The film narrates their story for the first time by following a teenager retracing his Great Grandfathers footsteps in the trenches of Flanders.

15-year-old Jaspal Singh is inspired by his forefather's actions during the War to maintain his own Sikh identity despite being bullied because of his uncut hair and turban.

From his hometown of Coventry to Ypres and Neuve Chapelle, Jaspal discovers the important role Sikh soldiers played during the conflict in stopping the German advance over Europe.

The event brought together members of the Sikh community alongside politicians, serving military personnel, multi-faith community and business leaders.