Rajasthan CM, ministers make public their assets

Jaipur: Ministers in the Ashok Gehlot government have made public their assets with the Chief Minister declaring a bank balance of nearly Rs 16 lakh, four houses and four plots.

According to details of the assets posted on the CMO's website Thursday night, Gehlot has a bank balance of Rs 15,99,688 besides two houses, one plot and two pieces of agricultural land in Jodhpur. He also owns a plot in Mundwa in Nagaur district, a house under MLA quota in Jaipur and a flat in Sansad Vihar in New Delhi.

The Chief Minister's wife Sunita has a balance of Rs 15,81,497 in bank accounts.

Gehlot does not own a vehicle but had a gold ring worth Rs 8160 while his wife has jewellery worth Rs 10,79,002.

Home Minister Shanti Dhariwal and his wife have a bank balance of Rs 30.69 lakh and immovable property in Jaipur and Kota worth Rs 5.31 crore.

Tourism Minister Bina Kak has Rs 90,000 in cash in hand, one SUV and immovable properties worth Rs 85 lakh, Cooperative Minister Parsadi Meena has a bank balance of Rs 5.25 lakh, jewellery worth Rs 45,000 and immovable assets worth Rs 33.27 lakh while Water Resources Minister Mahipal Maderana has Rs 9.35 lakh in cash, deposits and investments and immovable property worth Rs 46 lakh.

State Minister of Forest and Mining Ramlal Jat has movable and immovable property worth Rs 1.11 crore.

Agriculture Minister Harjiram Burdak, Transport Minister BK Sharma, Medical and Health Minister Duru Miyan, Tribal Area Development Minister Mahendra Jeet Singh Malvia, Energy Minister Jitendra Singh, Primary Education Minister Bhanwar Lal Meghwal, Industry Minister Rajendra Pareek and Panchayti Raj Minister Bharat Singh are among those who have declared their assets.