Four arrested for making obscene MMS in Kanpur

Kanpur: A boy allegedly made an obscene MMS of his cousin and circulated it among his three friends following police have arrested the accused.

Agyeya made the MMS of his aunt's daughter and later circulated to his three friends, who later started blackmailing the girl's family.

The girl's father, a resident of Kalyanpur village, registered a complaint saying that a youth has been blackmailing him over phone for last ten days that he should be given an amount of Rs 20,000 otherwise his daughter's obscene MMS will be posted over internet, they said.

After the complaint, the phone of the girl's father was put on surveillance, following which, Laakhan, a resident of Panki area was arrested last night.

Laakhan, during interrogation, revealed that he had received the clip from his friend, Agyeya, a resident of Kalyanpur village.

Agyeya was also arrested and he disclosed that the MMS was of his aunt's daughter.

Laakhan forwarded the clips to two more friends, Gaurav and Shyam, he said.

Action will be taken against the culprits and the case will be registered under IT Act and on the charges of blackmailing, Deputy Inspector General Ashok Muthhaiyah said.