Japan governor eyes tracking sex offenders with GPS: Reports

Japan governor eyes tracking sex offenders with GPS: Reports Tokyo: A Japanese regional governor is looking into plans that could see sex offenders carry a GPS-equipped mobile phone so that police can keep them under a closer watch, reports said on Sunday.

If the ordinance is enacted, it would be the first such legislation in Japan, Kyodo News and Jiji Press said.

"It would be more desirable if such measures are uniformly adopted throughout the country, but the state is being slow to act," said Yoshihiro Murai, governor of northern Miyagi prefecture, quoted by Kyodo.

"So I would like to make the step in Miyagi to herald the shift," he said at a prefectural panel meeting on Saturday.

In a draft plan, the ordinance is also aimed to better monitor offenders of domestic violence while obliging sex offenders to submit their DNA data, the reports said.

However, the plans will stoke public concerns as such measures could infringe on fundamental human rights.

Officials in Miyagi have been studying measures to prevent violence against women and children after an 18-year-old killed two people last year after his girlfriend tried to run away from his physical abuse.