Stop assassinating Karmapa's character: His office tells media

Dharamsala: Karmapa Ugyen Trinley Dorje's office on Saturday asked the press to cease his "character assassination" over the foreign currency haul issue and accused state and central agencies of allowing "reckless slander" about him being a Chinese spy to go on unchallenged.

"Those who have been following the Karmapa affair would have noted, definitely with some consternation, the street-corner gossip which appears to be informing not only reportage in the media, but also influencing the government machinery," a statement issued by Karmapa's office said.

Bank accounts of a trust backed by the Karmapa and its trustees have been frozen in connection with the probe into the seizure of a huge amount of foreign currency from a transit home of the Tibetan spiritual leader.

The Karmapa's office said ever since Himachal police termed as "unexplained" its recovery of donations to the trust in cash, aspersions have been cast on the Karmapa, with the agencies concerned "allowing" reports suggesting that the government of India suspected him of being a Chinese agent to "go on unchallenged". "The authorities in Himachal and central agencies are keeping busy with such a game, with the media at large offering itself up as willing hand-maiden to such mindlessness," the statement alleged.

It denied allegations that the Karmapa had rallied in support of the Communist Chinese government and stressed that he had fled 11 years ago.

"The preposterous claim that he is a Chinese spy or agent is a complete fabrication, utterly baseless and reckless slander," Karmapa's spokesperson Karma Topden said.

"The Karmapa office appeals to the press to cease character assassination of the Karmapa, one of the most revered figures in Tibetan Buddhism, and a spiritual leader to Buddhists worldwide and refrain from publishing further uncorroborated and unfounded charges," he added.