Davis case: Pak court seeks reply from government

Lahore: A Pakistani court on Monday sought replies from the federal and Punjab governments on two petitions seeking directives for obtaining the records of a US official arrested for shooting and killing two men.

The petitions, filed in the Lahore High Court by Rana Ilmuddin Ghazi and Iqbal Jaffree, also asked the court to direct authorities to prosecute US consulate employee Raymond Davis for forgery.

Davis was arrested in Lahore on January 27 after he shot and killed two men who he claimed were trying to rob him.

A Pakistani man was killed by a US consulate car rushing to help Davis.

Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry handed over copies of the petitions to a Deputy Attorney General and an Assistant Advocate General and directed them to submit replies from the federal and provincial governments by February 17.

Ghazi said in his petition that some news reports about Davis had said he was an American diplomat and enjoyed diplomatic immunity, while this was denied by other reports.

He also said Interior Minister Rehman Malik had stated that he possessed the complete record of Davis.

He expressed apprehensions about efforts to save Davis by "changing his documents and proving him a diplomat".

Jafree asked the court to issue directives to the government to prosecute Davis for committing forgery by applying for a visa under a fake name.

He also said Davis used "excessive force" while gunning down two Pakistanis last month.

On February 1, Chief Justice Ijaz Ahmad Chaudhry had ordered the Interior Ministry to place the name of Davis on the Exit Control List to bar him from leaving Pakistan.