AP govt should pass separate Telangana resolution in House: KCR

Hyderabad: TRS president K Chandrasekhar Rao on Monday demanded that the Andhra Pradesh government pass a resolution in the assembly for formation of separate Telangana and get it accepted by the Centre.

"I demand that the Chief Minister talk to the UPA government that promised Telangana, and the Prime Minister.

Pass a resolution in the assembly and get it accepted by the Centre," he said addressing a protest of the Telangana workers of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC).

Noting that the separate statehood agitation has entered the final stage with the "non-cooperation movement" beginning from February 17, Rao warned that entire Hyderabad would stink the if the GHMC sanitary workers stopped their work.

He, however, said sanitary workers would be involved in the non-cooperation stir at a later stage.

Among others, even the GHMC workers would get involved if the state government imposed Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) on government employees, who announced their decision to start the non-cooperation agitation.

Alleging that GHMC is another example to show how injustice is done to Telangana in recruitment of personnel, he claimed that people from non-Telangana occupied important positions and also large chunk of low-level jobs.

"GHMC is a local body and locals should get the preference. But we (Telangana people) are confined to cleaning and sweeping, whereas non-Telangana peope are in officers' posts. That is why we demand separate Telangana," the TRS president said.

The Telangana political Joint Action Committee (JAC), that comprises TRS, BJP and various people's organisations, has announced that it will launch a "non-cooperation" agitation from February 17 in support of its demand for introduction of a bill for formation of Telangana in the Budget session of Parliament.

Regretting that the workers of GHMC were getting a meagre salary of about Rs 4,000, the TRS president wondered how can they live in Hyderabad when cost of living rose so high.

Asserting that Telangana state would definitely be realised, Chandrasekhar Rao said he would fight with the Chief Minister of the new state for regularisation of employment of temporary workers in GHMC.