No disagreement between party and PM, says Congress

New Delhi: Congress on Thursday sought to dismiss impressions of any disagreement between the party and Prime Minister over the latter's views on various issues expressed during his interaction with TV editors.

"There is no ambiguity. The party is with Prime Minister and agrees with whatever he has said (during the interaction)," AICC general secretary and media department chief Janardan Dwivedi told reporters.

Sources in the party said that there is a feeling that the Prime Minister by "not appearing very aggressive" during the interaction did the right thing, otherwise an impression would have gone that the government was not acknowledging its responsibility for the aberrations if any.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, a senior party leader said he found nothing wrong in the Prime Minister's remark that compromises have to be made in a coalition and termed it as a fact.

Claiming that the Prime Minister's press conference has sent a good message among people, he said Singh's style of articulation showed that he shared concerns of the common man on the issue of corruption and was committed to punish those found guilty of it.

He said the televised press conference succeeded in giving the message among the middle class and common men in urban and semi urban areas that the government was serious in taking corrective measures and that the Prime Minister will not condone wrong doings.

Asked whether the Prime Minister appeared too mellowed while answering the corruption related questions, the leader said, "Had there been anybody else, he would have replied more aggressively. But the style differs from person to person."

Speaking separately, party spokesperson Shakeel Ahmed rejected suggestions that the Prime Minister's remarks might have rubbed the allies on the wrong side.

"We respect our coalition partners and they also respect our sentiments," he said, adding that none of the alliance partners has criticised the Prime Minister's views the way media was suggesting.

He was replying to a specific query on whether the party was concerned that some of the UPA partners had not taken kindly to the Prime Minister's statement.

Another party leader, who chose not to be named, said that the relations between Congress and DMK are not going to be affected at all due to actions being taken against former telecom minister A Raja as both parties are on the same page on the issue as far as taking action in the case is concerned.