Sophisticated narcotics scanner at Kolkata airport soon

Kolkata: Alarmed at the rise in attempts to smuggle out banned drugs, the Narcotics cell of the NSCBI airport in Kolkata has decided to install a sophisticated narcotics scanner at the airport.

Airport sources said on Friday that smugglers were found to be exporting banned drugs out of the airport by various dubious means in recent past which could not be detected during routine checking.

"We plan to install a sophisticated narcotics scanner at the airport during the ongoing modernisation work", the sources said.

Under the Narcotics Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, the Narcotics Control Bureau personnel seized 7.2 kg of banned drug Ketamyne Hydrochloride, worth Rs 7.2 lakh, while being smuggled out to Bangkok at the airport, concealed in an ornament box on September 13, 2009. One was arrested.

NCB sources said that 108.25 kg of Ketamyne Hydrochloride was seized while being exported to Malayasia inside masala pouches when five persons, including three foreigners, were arrested on January 29, 2010.

The sources said that 25 kgs of such banned drug was seized from two persons, later arrested, while they were trying to smuggle it out of the airport to Singapore.