Prachanda calls for 'final preparations' for people's revolt

Kathmandu: Maoists supremo Prachanda on Sunday called on his cadres to make "final preparations" for a people's revolt amid a power struggle to take control of key ministry of Nepal's new communist government.

Prachanda, the chairman of Unified CPN (Maoist), called upon all factory workers affiliated to the Maoist party to make "final preparations" for launching the people's revolt.

He said all factories, industries and hotels across the country will be turned into barracks to ensure the success of the people's revolt the party is planning to launch.

Those who believe that the Maoists will not wage any people's revolt and think that it is just a bluff will soon get a rude shock, he warned.

Addressing a national conference of a workers organisation affiliated to Maoists, All Nepal Trade Union Federation (Revolutionary), on the outskirts of the capital, he said the Maoists will not tolerate any attempt to sabotage the peace process and drafting of the new constitution as also to bring about a radical transformation in the country.

Prime Minister Jhala Nath Khanal, who was elected by lawmakers after more than seven months of stalemate and 17 attempts on February 3rd, has been unable to complete his cabinet formation, amid disagreement over a power-sharing deal with the Maoists, with whose support he won the election.

The two main allies, CPN-UML and the Maoists, have failed to arrive at an understanding over the distribution of key portfolios. UCPN-Maoist, the largest party in the House is demanding important portfolios, including the home ministry.

Pradip Gyawali, a top leader of the ruling CPN-UML, on Sunday made it clear that no ministries related to security can be allocated to the Maoists at present as the latter was still in possession of weapons and had control over its former combatants.

Interacting with journalists in Gulmi district of western Nepal, Gyawali said the Maoists threat to revolt if they did not get the Home Ministry is meaningless. He said peoples revolt as claimed by the former rebels is not possible in the present context.

Gyawali said there were some procedural mistakes while signing the seven-point agreement between Khanal and Prachanda on the eve of prime ministerial elections.

The mistakes, he said, can yet be corrected and the parties can move forward.

The Maoists have been pressing for the implementation of the seven point deal, which reportedly includes provisions like sharing the Prime Ministerial post between Khanal and Prachanda on rotational basis and forming separate unit in Nepal Army after the integration of the former Maoist combatants with the military.

The Maoists have threatened to withdraw support to the Khanal-led government in case their demand is not fulfilled, which is causing delay in expansion of the cabinet.