NCP opposes demand for special status for Bihar

Patna: The Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Sunday opposed the demand for special status to Bihar and said it would make the state dependent on the Centre like the north eastern states.

"The protagonists for a special status to Bihar should understand the fact that the state will become dependent upon the Centre for all the time like the north-eastern region", NCP General Secretary Tariq Anwar told reporters in Patna.

"We want and wish the state to be self-dependent for development," he said.

Anwar said the chorus by the ruling NDA in Bihar for special status was "politically motivated" as it was trying to abdicate its responsbility for the prevailing economic backwardness of the state by passing the buck on the Centre.

The NDA should remember that it was in power at the Centre when there was a demand for a special package of Rs 1.80 lakh crore as compensation to Bihar for losses because of creation of Jharkhand in 2000, the NCP leader said.

"Now that the NDA is out of power at the Centre, it is raising the demand for special status to Bihar for political convenience," Anwar said.

The NCP leader asked the state government to spend the central fund in a judicious manner for development purposes which "it has not been doing as per CAG report."

The NDA Government should also take lesson from Punjab and Haryana which were not given special benefits at the time of reorganization of the states in 1960s, but have become developed states with their own resources, he said.