Wikileaks rocks Jharkhand assembly

Ranchi: Wikileaks expose that rocked Parliament Thursday echoed in Jharkhand Assembly when former state finance minister and BJP MLA Raghuvar Das demanded resignation of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

"The corruption issue rocked Parliament today (following the Wikileaks cables). The Prime Minister is sitting on the fountain of corruption which has tarnished the image of our country," Das said while participating in the budget debate for demand of grants for various demands in the state assembly.

"When the Prime Minister himself is standing in the docks, Congress does not have any right to accuse others of corruption," Das said, referring to corruption charges raised by the opposition during their speech in the house.

He had also raised the issue in the morning session, sparking shouts by Congress MLAs before Speaker C P Singh intervening to bring the house in order.

Das also accused the Centre of creating regional imbalance by its alleged indiscrimination in allocation of plans by the Planning Commission.