Heinous crimes reported in city yet to be solved

New Delhi: Around 20 percent of heinous crimes like murder and rape reported in the capital this year are yet to be solved even as police claimed that there was a decline in the number of such incidents.

Of the heinous crimes, working out of murder cases was the least as 27.59 percent of the 87 cases reported this year remained unsolved.

According to Delhi Police statistics, a total of 330 heinous crimes were reported this year till March nine which is a 16.24 percent decrease from the 394 reported during the same period last year.

"There is a decline in the number of heinous crime in the city this year compared to the corresponding period last year," a senior police official said.

However, he said, overall 72.41 percent cases were solved.

The figures showed that murder cases have decreased to 87 from 96 last year though attempt to murder cases showed an increase of two to 56.

Incidents of robbery also showed a declining trend as it registered 113 this year as against 142 the previous year same period.

"One of the important decline was noted in rape cases where the numbers came down to 55 from 82. This year rape cases have come down by 32.93 percent and molestation cases are down by 24.79 percent," the official said.

Dacoity was down to seven from previous year's eight while kidnapping for ransom cases were two this year as against five last year. Snatching cases also came down to 197 from 240.

The official said all the seven cases of dacoity reported this year and two cases of kidnapping for ransom were solved while 92.73 cases of rapes were solved.

"The lowest rate of solving of cases among heinous crimes was in murder at 72.41 percent. However, 91.07 percent of the attempt to murder cases were solved," the official said.

According to the official, a total of 4,188 persons were arrested this year till February 28 in heinous and non-heinous crimes.

"Twenty-five were convicted while 11 are acquitted. 894 are facing trial while investigations are pending against 3,258 accused," he said.