Sex scandal row not a case of espionage: South Korea

Sex scandal row not a case of espionage: South Korea Beijing: The South Korean government has said that a recent sex scandal involving officials of its consulate in Shanghai was not a case of espionage but a "lack of discipline" among the diplomats.

"Our probe showed it was a simple sex scandal caused by a lack of discipline among Korean diplomats. It's not an espionage case," Kim Seok-min, an official at the South Korean prime minister's office in Seoul was quoted as saying by the Beijing-based Global Times today.

Admitting that the officials concerned leaked a lot of information to a Chinese woman involved in the scandal, the office of South Korean Prime Minister said none of the released information concerned national secrets.

Officials at the South Korean counsel-general office met the woman, Deng Xinming, 33, when she sought their help on visa and other issues. They leaked several classified information to Deng.

"The leaked information involved several major fields and 19 items, but not information related to national secrets or violated judicial measures," Kim said.

But South Korea has not revealed when and how information concerning 200 senior government officials and lawmakers in Seoul held by Kim Jeong-kee, the former general counsel in Shanghai, was leaked to Deng, the Daily said.

The officials involved in the sex scandal will be punished, Kim said.

The counsel-general official in Shanghai has taken new measures to prevent reoccurrence of such scandal, the Global Times said quoting an official.