Bangladesh protest against Hasina’s women’s policy

Bangladesh protest against Hasina’s women’s policy Dhaka: A student was killed and several others injured in Bangladesh today when police fired on hundreds of madrassa students protesting against a recently adopted women's policy, which right wing groups have termed anti-Islamic.

Police fired gunshots after several hundred protesters came out of a madrassa in western Jassore with bamboo sticks and stones and clashed with police, witnesses said.

The protesters marched through the city chanting slogans against the government's move to ensure equal property rights for women in the Muslim majority country.

They wanted to drum up support for a nationwide strike tomorrow, demanding that the policy should be scrapped. A local journalist said that one student, who was identified as Hossain Ahmed, died instantly when a bullet pierced through his back.

But, police said the student was killed accidentally by the protesters as they were using firearms against the law enforcement agency.

A faction if Islami Oikya Jote (OIJ), an ally of main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party of Khaleda Zia, has called a nationwide general strike tomorrow against the policy announced last month, terming it anti-Islamic.

However, the government says the policy did not contradict Islam in any way. It blamed the group for misleading people by misinterpreting the policy.

BNP had initially declined to extend its support for the strike, but in a statement overnight the party said it was always supportive to any campaign to protest Islam and religious sentiments of the people.