Time-bound probe into scandals if BJP voted to power: Jaitley

Guwahati: Senior BJP leader Arun Jaitley on Wednesday said the party-led government in Assam would order a time-bound probe into efforts to cover up all scandals in the state if it comes to power.

"There is an effort by the Congress governments both at the Centre and the state to cover up all monetary scandals coming one after the other," Jaitley, currently on campaign trail in the state for the second phase on April 11, told reporters here.

"We will not allow corruption to grow further and allow them (Congress) to cover up the scandals. Everyone will be made accountable," Jaitley said.

Reacting to Congress' charge that BJP was trying to make corruption a poll issue and would forget it after the polls, he said it was for the people to judge about so many scandals coming to light and they were bound to be an issue during the polls.

"The possible defeat of the Congress in Assam will have a great impact at the national-level and will reflect the misdeeds of that party and its governance," Jaitley added.