Bollywood joins Hazare's anti-corruption protest

New Delhi: More Bollywood bigwigs Friday joined Anna Hazare's protest at Jantar Mantar for an effective Lokpal Bill saying the country needs to weed out corruption at any cost.

Director Farah Khan, actor Anupam Kher, music director Vishal of Vishal-Sekhar duo, poet-filmmaker Pritish Nandy and actor Tom Alter visited Jantar Mantar during the day to express solidarity with Hazare and others fighting for the anti-corruption law.

> "I have three children. I don't want them to brought up in a corrupt country. I appeal to all Indian mothers to join us," Khan said addressing the gathering.

She was seconded by Kher who said, "The government should stop ignoring the voices of the nation and take action now."

Vishal lamented that the bill did not get through despite being introduced in the Parliament eight times.

"It has to be done now. I appeal to the youth of the country to join this agitation," he said.

The veteran social activist's fast-unto-death against corruption has found many supportive voices in Bollywood, including superstars Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Amitabh Bachchan.