'Nuclear energy inevitable for India's needs'

Chennai: India's energy needs cannot be fulfilled without using nuclear energy but it has to learn positively from the incidents in Japan, Principal Scientific Advisor to the Government of India R Chidambaram said on Monday.

The former Atomic Energy Commission chairman said India has to worry about its needs and has to learn positively from the incidents in Japan, (where an earthquake and resultant tsunami triggered a nuclear crisis) when asked about the recent anti-nuclear protests in Germany.

The per capita electricity consumption was an important parameter of Human Development Index and for India to become a developed country, per capita electricity consumption has to increase six to eight times, he told a news agency on the sidelines of a function here.

The country's electricity needs cannot be fulfilled without nuclear reactors, he said.

Inaugurating 7th Indo-Australian Conference on IT Security on 'Emerging Security Technologies,' Chidambaram said India has to collaborate with countries as an equal partner to explore new ideas.

He also highlighted the connectivity among different educational and research institutions in the country.

A National Knowledge Network to connect institutions on nuclear research has been taken up by the Union government and will be fully functional in another two years.