Indians among hundreds of illegal immigrants caught in US

Boston: Hundreds of immigrants, including from India and Nepal, were caught trying to illegally enter the US through Mexico hiding in tractors in conditions authorities say are "worse than the way normally cattle is shipped".

Border authorities caught over 513 immigrants crammed in two tractor-trailers in the southern state of Chiapas, near Mexico border's with Guatemala.

The people, who reportedly paid USD 7000 each to cross over into the US, came not just from Central America, but from "China, Nepal, India and even Japan," a news channel report said.

While 273 people were in one of these trucks, 240 were crammed in the other.

"They were traveling in conditions that are worse than the way normally cattle is shipped around the country. It was just an incredible sight for the first officers who responded to the scene in the Mexican state of Chiapas," the report said.

Border authorities are "dealing with international criminal organisations that smuggle people from all over the world" in conditions that are "inhumane" and "dangerous", the report added.

People paying as much as USD 7,000 and coming from far-flung countries is indicative "that this is a network (that) reaches across the world, to Asia and other continents".

Mexican officials have increased the presence of military and police and have intercepted similar breaches before.

Earlier this month, authorities stopped 183 immigrants from places like Guatemala, El Salvador, Ecuador, Nepal, India and Sri Lanka at the border, the report added.

Last year, more than 1,600 Indians, "mostly young men from poor villages" were caught at the southern tip of Texas as they tried to illegally sneak into the US.