HKB launches Hariyali cattle feed in J&K

Jammu: India's largest rural retail chain for cattle feed Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar (HKB) launched its products here on Sunday to cater to demand in rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir.

"Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar has launched its 'Hariyali cattle feed' in Jammu & Kashmir today. It is a pioneering micro-level effort, which is creating a far-reaching positive impact in bringing a qualitative change and revolutionising the rural sector in India," Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar Vice-President Arjun Uppal told reporters here today.

HKB is the largest rural retail chain of India, with 275 stores and centres under the brand name 'Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar', spread across eight states in the country.

The brand was launched in 2008 in Hariyali retail outlets and has grown since, with the brand receiving a tremendous response.

This was possible because of Hariyali's expertise in the business and consistent quality, Uppal said, adding that the brand is increasing its presence with the launch in J&K.

Speaking on the shortfalls in milk output in the country, Uppal said, "The gap can only be bridged through increasing animal productivity. Improving animal nutrition through availability of high quality concentrated feed is an important step in this direction and we are trying to plug this gap with Hariyali cattle feed. The brand has been prepared by experts in the field of animal nutrition to give high quality cattle feed."

He added, "In J&K, dairying is an important activity for farmers. Productivity is below the national average and needs better technical expertise."

Hariyali will make its quality feed available through Distributors (India). Hariyali will conduct farmer meetings and provide training and technical literature to ensure proper adoption and effective results, he said.

Dairy is an important aspect of agriculture today, as its value represents 20 percent of India’s agricultural output. Hariyali Kisaan Bazaar works with the twin objectives of increasing productivity and profitability of the farmers.

While the focus till date has been primarily on agronomical services, dairy has been identified as an additional avenue to generate income as meet small and big farmers have cattle.

The annual consumption of milk in India is increasing at 5-6 per cent and is now at around 250 gms per person per day.

The projections are that the gap between supply and demand will increase, which reflects the rise in milk prices recently.

The product will meet the BIS Type-II Standards issued for cattle feed by the government.

"There will be two variants available; Supermix and Premiummix. Supermix which will cater to animals with productivity of up to 8 litres of milk per day, while premiummix will be for animals with more than 8 litres milk yield.

To produce feed, the finest quality of raw materials and will be used, the product formulated to ensure correct nutrition for the Milch animals", he said.