Delhi: Army deployed to defuse old bombs and ammo

New Delhi: Following a request from Delhi government, Indian Army has deployed a team of its officers and men to defuse the stockpile of old bombs and ammunitions stored at Tughlakabad Inland Depot here.

"The operation to defuse these scrap bombs was started almost a fortnight ago. A team of officers and men from Corps of Engineers has been deployed for the task. More then 3000 shells and ammunitions are lying there in the depot," army officials said here.

The shells are first transferred to Tilpat Range, close to Greater Noida in Uttar Pradesh where these are defused in a controlled environment to ensure safety of personnel and property, added the officials.

A stockpile of bombs and ammunitions in the Inland Container Depot (ICD) was discovered a few years ago following a series of explosions there. Packed in the shipping container, the explosives were mistakenly transported here by the scrap dealers, they said.

"We are hoping to complete the task in another fortnight," added the officials.