'Lack of coordination a cause of Munde resentment'

Mumbai: BJP national secretary Kirit Sommaiya on Friday said that senior leader Gopinath Munde's unhappiness over being sidelined could have been caused by the lack of co-ordination within the party.

"Mundeji is a senior party leader and even though he was elected to the Lok Sabha for the first time, he was made the Deputy leader of BJP in the lower house of the Parliament," Sommaiya said, talking to reporters here.

"There could be a lack of coordination," he said, when asked what could have caused his resentment.

When asked whether this situation indicated that BJP had given up the slogan 'Nation first, Party next, Self last', Sommaiya said, "I don't think so."

When asked why the party did not persuade Swami Nigamanand -- who died while on a hunger strike against mining in the Ganga riverbed -- to give up the fast, Sommaiya said the Uttarakhand government tried its best in this regard.

"Using force would not have been correct," Sommaiya said.