Driver of NATO oil tanker killed in Pakistan

Islamabad: Unidentified armed men attacked and killed the driver of a tanker carrying oil for NATO forces in Afghanistan on Saturday, police in Pakistan's southwest said.

The tanker came under attack in Mastung district of Balochistan province. The driver died at the scene, witnesses said.

The tanker, coming from Karachi to Quetta, the provincial capital, was also burnt. The attackers managed to escape.

No group claimed responsibility for the attack. The law enforcement personnel rushed to the site and launched a search operation in the area.

In Pakistan's northwest, Taliban militants are usually blamed for such attacks, but in the southwest such attacks are rare.

Officials say that nearly 70 per cent of the goods are transported for around 160,000 NATO forces through Pakistan.

The US has already struck a deal with Russia for an alternate supply route because of the threats the NATO supply trucks are facing in Pakistan.

American media reported this week that the US also fears blockade of supplies to NATO forces and that is why it is going for alternate routes.