Nepal Maoist leader calls back son from China

Kathmandu: A Maoist leader has called back his son from China, who was studying for MBBS there, complying with the party decision of not sending their wards to private institutions or abroad for higher education.

Himal Sharma, president of Maoist affiliated All Nepal National Free Students Union (Revolutionary) has called back his son Saral Sharma from China where he was doing his MBBS for the last six months.

The Maoist party had made a decision that none of the party's leaders or cadres should either send their children in private school or abroad for study purposes. However, most of the Maoist leaders and cadres turned deaf ear to the decision.

However, Sharma has taken a bold decision to call back his son who is studying medicine for the last six month in South East University in Nanjing town of China.

Many Maoist leaders have sent their children to foreign countries for higher studies, according to media reports here. Sons of Maoist Home Minister Krishna Bahadur Mahara and the party's spokesman Dinanath Sharma are studying in China, according to Kantipur daily.

The move by Himal Sharma will certainly put pressure on other Maoist leaders to call back their sons and daughters who are currently studying abroad. The Maoist party has also made a decision that they should not send their children to private schools within the country.

Instead, they must send their children to either government school or community schools. In Nepal private schools are considered to ideal for quality education and their charges are also higher than government schools.

The Maoists have been frequently organising protests to shut down all private schools in the country in the pretext of charging higher tuition fees.