105 prisoners may be released on August 15th

Bangalore: The Karnataka government has recommended the names of 105 prisoners to Governor HR Bhardwaj for early release on Independence Day.

Speaking to reporters, Minister for Social Welfare and Prison, Narayanaswamy said the advisory committee of the social welfare department had shortlisted the names after perusing the good behaviour track record of the prisoners.

Last time, the government had put forward a list of 700 names for early release, which the governor had turned down.

Listing government's other initiatives in terms of prisons, he said it was focussing on a Rs 8 crore modernisation programme in the prisons.

Jammers would be installed in the jails to prevent inmates from engaging in illegal activities.Body scanners would also be installed in these prisons.

There was a proposal to recruit 400-800 persons to fill the vacancies for manning these prisons.

Replying to a question, he said the report on the clash between security personnel and inmates in Hubli recently was still awaited.