Tata cites verdict upholding Singur acquisition

Kolkata: Tata Motors on Wednesday cited a previous division bench verdict, which had upheld validity of land acquisition at Singur, in the Kolkata High Court on Wednesday while defending its right over the tract.

TML counsel Samariditya Pal told the court of Justice Saumitra Pal that a division bench of the High Court had dismissed the PIL and upheld the validity of land acquisition by the West Bengal government through its industrial development agency WBIDC for socio-economic development of the state.

The verdict was subsequently challenged in the Supreme Court and a decision was still pending.

The TML counsel said that the company was forced to move out from Singur despite the state government's assurance that congenial atmosphere would prevail at the site.

Pal said the land at Singur was acquired under chapter seven of the Land Acquisition Act of 1894 which dealt with acquisition for private companies.

He contended that farm land acquisition was allowed under Article 31 of the Constitution provided adequate compensation was paid.

The TML counsel also criticised the haste in which the land was re-possessed by the West Bengal government through the Singur Land Development & Rehabilitation Act 2011 against which the company had filed a writ petition.

The matter will be again heard tomorrow.