Amnesty to hand over illegal arms in Lanka ends

Colombo: Sri Lankan military has decided to commence search operations to arrest the people who have not handed over their weapons during the amnesty period that ended Sunday.

"From 30 June we declared a period of amnesty for those holding illegal weapons to hand them over to us. We have received a few of those during the period," Major General Boniface Perera, the eastern military commander, said.

Perera said the period ends tonight, "We will go after anyone holding illegal weapons from tomorrow". The order came after a bank heist in the province's Batticaloa district's Puttur area mid June.

Millions worth cash and jewellery was taken in the day light heist.

Some four people were arrested thereafter.

Perera promptly summoned a meeting of police, security forces, administrative and political party representatives to warn them of the need to stabilise the security situation in the province.