'Sound bills on land, food security to be passed'

New Delhi: Criticising the current land acquisition policy, BJP on Wednesday gave an assurance to farmers it will ensure that "sound" bills on the issue and food security which protects their interests are passed by Parliament.

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj and senior party leader Murli Manohar Joshi said agriculture land should not be forcibly taken away from farmers and given to industrialists for building factories and other projects.

Addressing a rally organised by the party's 'kisan morcha', Sushma said the first requirement of Food Security Bill is availability of farm lands in the country.

"But the way government is giving agricultural lands to industries, no farm land would be left for agriculture. The policy is wrong. We are fighting against corruption in Parliament. We will also fight for your rights there," she said.

Sushma said the BJP will announce its stand on the draft Land Acquisition Bill prepared by the National Advisory Council after the Bharatiya Kisan Morcha studies and submits a report in this regard.

"I want to tell the government the first stage of food security is being able to produce adequately. But foodgrain is not produced in factories, therefore the first requirement of food security is availability of farm lands," she said.

"I want to convey the message of farmers to the government through this gathering of Bhartiya Kisan Morcha. We will fight for farmers rights in Parliament," she said.

She said there was a need to demand a Food Security Bill. "We will ensure that both the Houses of Parliament passes a sound bill," she said.

Joshi said farmers' land should not be acquired for building industries and for other purposes as it would be a "big blow" to the farming community across the country.

"Farmers are very important to the nation's progress. Now, they are being asked to vacate their land to make way for industries. This is not fair and the farming community should be allowed to continue farming," he said.

The senior BJP leader said the rights of farmers should be protected at any cost and assured them that the BJP would support their cause inside and outside Parliament.