Water level in major dams reaching max limit

Chandigarh: Water level in major dams, including Pong Dam and Bhakra, was on the verge of touching its maximum limit due to heavy rains in northern India.

The water level in Pong Dam was 1,387.48 ft as against it maximum limit of 1,390 ft, while it has touched 518.69 ft in Ranjit Sagar Dam where its capacity is 520.94 feet.

The Bhakra Dam saw the water level touch 1,667.35 ft while its limit is 1,680 feet, an official spokesman said today.

Last year, many parts of Punjab and neighbouring Haryana had witnessed floods, which had caused extensive damage to property and loss of life.

Water has also been discharged from Pong Dam in Beas and Satluj rivers, the spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the Irrigation Department, Haryana, released 250 cusecs of water in Dadupur-Nalwi canal from Hathnikund Barrage for the first time.

Out of 250 cusecs of water, 100 cusecs of water had been released in Nalwi distributary for the farmers of district Ambala on experimental basis.

The first phase of Dadupur-Nalwi canal with a total water carrying capacity of 538 cusecs had been completed at a cost of about Rs 276 crore.

The Nalwi distributary with a total capacity of 179 cusecs was constructed to provide irrigation to farmers of Ambala district.