Nearly 3 crore citizens issued Aadhaar numbers

New Delhi: In all, 2.87 crore unique identification numbers have been issued across the country so far under the 'Aadhaar' scheme and the government is targeting to cover 60 crore citizens by 2014.

"A total of 2.87 crore Aadhaar (cards) have been issued as of this morning. The goal is to issue 60 crore Aadhaar by 2014 and we are well on the way," Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) Chairman Nandan Nilekani said today while addressing a FICCI seminar on 'Aadhaar'.

He said the agency was scaling up the enrolment process for the scheme, which provides the unique identification number -- 'Aadhaar'.

Around 5-6 lakh people are applying for Aadhaar card every day, Nilekani said.

"The target is to increase arrivals to ten lakhs everyday by October this year and then increase it further to 20 lakhs," he added.

It generally takes a few months from the date of applying to the time the citizens receive their Aadhaar card, which includes their personal and biometric details.

Nilekani said the number of Aadhaar cards issued have been increasing with the passage of time. While 30 lakh cards were issued in June, the numbers went up to 77 lakh in July, while over one crore cards have been issued during the first three weeks of August.

He said the agency is coming up with another database centre in Delhi besides the existing one in Bangalore.