Don't test us, Israel Army warns Gaza militants

Don`t test us, Israel Army warns Gaza militants Jerusalem: Israel's top military chief has warned Gaza militants not to "test" Israel's strength as troops and police were today on high alert over warnings of a planned attack from Sinai.

Speaking late last night, Chief of Staff Benny Gantz warned that any attempt to attack Israel would result in a harsh response.

"Hamas and other terrorist organisations in Gaza must know that they are wrong to test our strength and that any attempt to harm the citizens of Israel will result in a severe response," Gantz said in remarks which were released by the army today.

Troops are on high alert in southern Israel over intelligence warnings that a group of 10 militants from Gaza have entered the Sinai and are looking for ways to stage an attack along the lines of August 18 ambushes when gunmen crossed the Egyptian border and killed eight Israelis on a road near the Red Sea resort of Eilat.

The deadly attacks, which Israel blamed on Gaza militants, sparked a week of bloody clashes, with the air force staging multiple air strikes on Gaza killing 27 people, and militants there lobbing over 150 rockets over the border, killing one Israeli.

"The continuous rocket fire on the communities of southern Israel, including the city of Ashdod, the malicious terror attack in Tel Aviv on Sunday night, and the severe terror attack at the Egypt border less than two weeks ago, prove to us yet again, that beside striving to maintain the quiet in our area, we must be prepared for any threat," Gantz said.