Video of Russian millionaire in crash sparks ire

Video of Russian millionaire in crash sparks ire Moscow: Russian media aired a video showing a collision between a millionaire businessman in a Mercedes and a 24-year-old man on a motorbike, who died at the scene, prompting outrage today.

In the accident on August 27 on a highway west of Moscow, supermarket founder Alexander Zaribko tried to overtake a motorbike ridden by Stanislav Lopatkin, LifeNews website reported, posting a video of the incident.

Zaribko is a founder of a chain of supermarkets called Viktoria.

According to Forbes magazine, he owned a 29-per cent stake in the enterprise, valued at 20 billion rubles (USD 687 million) before it was sold earlier this year.

The video filmed by a dashboard camera on another car shows the driver apparently changing lanes at high speed, colliding with the biker and throwing him onto the hard shoulder before continuing without slowing down.

Investigators "believe that they don't have any reason to launch a case", said spokeswoman for the investigative committee in the Moscow region, Oksana Shlyakhtina, the RIA Novosti news agency reported.

The incident caused outrage among Russian bloggers and bikers, who viewed it as yet another case where a wealthy offender escapes justice.